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About Me

Dear bloggers!
Evi Syahida is my fullname given by m'parents. But for short, please call me Visya.
Now i am a mom of a blue baby boy. A wife of a blue hubby. Do not wonder of my pen-name which is "Visya Blue" or visyabiru and the most color of my atribute is blue. That because i love blue color.

I'dl ike to join national and international events or conferences, meet new people and sharing and networking with them.
I am a mom blogger who loves traveling, reading and writing. This blog focusses on parenting, education and marriage fields.

For any cooperations, just email me to matematika.kimia@gma­ Gonna reply your emails ASAP. 

These are my social medias network. Lets make a friend. THANK YOU ^_^
Fb : Visya Al Biruni
Instagram: @visyabiru_
Here they are some photos of my journey ^_^



Mathematics is...

"Matematika adalah ratunya ilmu pengetahuan dan teori bilangan adalah ratunya Matematika."
-Gauss, a mathematician-

I Have A Dream...

Jika kamu memiliki mimpi, maka tuliskanlah, tempelkanlah di tempat strategis dan berikhtiarlah! Man Jadda Wa Jadaa! Mestakung!