MUN Simulation 2013 by US Embassy & ISAFIS

the Committee Session is supported by @america high-tech facilities (photo courtesy of Indah Gilang)

Hello, readers! Back with me. Now i'll share my new experience. Oh yes, since the event was in English so let me tell you in English. But dont worry, there are some parts in Bahasa, in the main story.

I know a news about MUN Simulation held in @america by ISAFIS and US Embassy Jakarta. MUN is a short term of Model United Nations, a simulation held by United Nations (PBB) for young people. I registered myself and three days after that the committee selected me to be delegate of Bulgaria!
FYI, in every countries, there are two delegates. In Bulgaria, i and my partner, Dina. Actually i did not know her before.
I am delegate of Bulgaria

By the selected me, it means that i have to get know more about energy in Bulgaria. You know, the announcement of the selected delegates was only 2 days before the day. Since the day before, i had some hectic agendas so i did not prepare anything yet. So did my partner, Dina.
I just prepared all in the night before. Oh my Allah, it was so hectic but fun!

Sunday, Nov 24th 2013
I meet other delegates from UNJ. We are four from UNJ. Me and Dina in Bulgaria while Diah in Rumania an Zeni (where was she? I am forget :p). Oh yes, i also met my friends from Undip Semarang. Actually there were some high school students. What a great!
After registering and getting the ID card, we entered the hall. The simulation begin by the opening from president ISAFIS, Ms. Maya Susanti, and the representative of US Embassy, Mr.Joel Koepp. I took a look around. Most people totally use bussiness attire as the committee said. Wow! Suddenly i feel 'doki-doki', haha.

First session is the discussion with Mr. Joel Koepp, Ms. Maya Susanti, a representative from IBEKA and Mr. (who is? Forget again, oh Allah!) from House of Representative (DPR RI). We discussed about energy in Indonesia and America. Should i give you the mattery? Just continuing it first ok
Joel Kopp, Environment, Science, Technology, and Health Officer, U.S. Embassy Jakarta (photo courtesy of @america)

I was very interested on a question came from delegate of Japan "The government has created 'mobil murah' and recommended us to use that but i doubt whether it was a solution or not'. Yes, of course, more cars more pollution. Can you imagine when most people use 'mobil murah' and the traffic jam will be more and more? I totally can't imagine that. Do you agree with me and delegate of Japan?

After Q and A session, we were having a lunch and breaking. I took a walk with my friends from Undip. Ok it was my first experience to go to one of most big mall in Jakarta, Pacific Place where the simulation held. Somehow i did not like to go place like this, you know what i mean
Then you know what? We was lost in the very large mall. Yeah, what ashame but we did not feel shy, hahaha. Finally we found where the others delegate lunch.

After breaking, we back to the hall. And.. The simulation really begin! Ok for this session i will tell you in Bahasa in order to make us more understand.

Ada 3 pemimpin diskusi panel; ketua, sekretaris dan time keeper di tengah hall. Setiap delegasi boleh mengajukan satu mosi, tentu saja masih terkait energi. Lalu diminta pendapat ke seluruh delegasi apakah pass atau failed? Kalo yang milih lebih dari 2/3 maka pass artinya dibahas, dan sebaliknya.
Setelah mosi disetujui, delegasi yang mengajukan mosi memberikan introduction lalu delegasi lain saling mendebat dengan alasan-alasan rasional. Nah seru sekali pas disini semua delegasi mengajukan plakat negara mereka untuk berlomba-lomba berbicara.
All-star seasoned Chairs from ISAFIS. (photo courtesy of Indah Gilang)

Oh ya, kita juga diberikan working paper dan draft resolution yang menjadi dasar membuat mosi debat atau sesi moderated caucus. Saat mosi selesai, kita diberi waktu 15 menit untuk diskusi dengan delegasi lain. Sesi ini disebut unmoderated caucus. Akupun memanfaatkan ini untik berdiskusi dengan yang lain. Timnya bebas, aku bersama delegasi dari 3 negara berdiskusi tentang pengurangan pajak untuk perusahaan yang berjasa dalam meningkatkan penggunaan energi terbarukan. Lalu beranjak ke nuklir. Wah seru banget! Sayangnya komite bilang waktu sudah habis, kembali ke tempat masing-masing untuk melanjutkan mosi.

Beberapa mosi pun terlalui, lanjut diskusi lagi. Kali ini aku bersama delegasi Turkmenistan, Ethiopia dan Lithunia. Aku dan Lithunia stuju kalo nuklir berpotensi untuk digunakan sedangkan Turkmenistan dan Ethiopia menentang keras. Wah bener-bener deh sulit merebate mereka! Sampe waktunya habis, kita pun masih 'digenjot' sama mereka, haha. Serulah pokoknya.
the heated debate at unmoderated caucus (photo courtesy of Indah Gilang)

After that, the simulation was end. The committee gave awards for some delegates. They are delegate of Japan as Best Delegate, Turkmenistan as Honourable Mention and Ethiopia as Most Outstanding Delegate.
Oh yes, the last two are my 'enemies'. I did not wonder at all since they are too much talk in the simulation. Hope i can learn more from them. And of course, still hoping to rebate them!

Bdw i'd like to tell you about @america, place where the simulation be held. This is a (what i called it?) so ellegant place. Even i can't took more pictures here. But we can borrow tablet PC here, free, of course. This place often used for any activities related to America. Yeah, there was President Obama! Of course, it was only the statue.

Ok this is the end of my story. I'm very proud and happy to join this event, to improve my public speaking skill in English and my diplomacy skill. We have to feel the real MUN which are Jakarta MUN and Harvad MUN and others international MUN next year, guys!
Because the diplomacy is a learning for everyone.
Go renewable energy for Indonesia!

My first certifite that assigned by US Embassy ^^

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